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2023 events & schedule

2023 was a massive year for DPR


  • 01:  DPR LIVE's birthday

  • 03:  DPR CREAM's birthday

  • 13:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 15:  DPR LIVE on tvN's Hwasa Show (Episode 4), sings "Hula Hoops" and "Yellow Cab"

  • 20:  Coachella 2023 lineup is announced to include DPR LIVE + DPR IAN

  • 22:  ARTIC to DJ @ Output Club Busan (Busan, SK)


  • 04:  Regime Tour Finale in Seoul - Show 1

  • 05:  Regime Tour Finale in Seoul - Show 2

  • 11:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 12:  JOHN's birthday

  • 18:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 25:  ARTIC to DJ @ Snacc Seoul City (Seoul, SK)


  • 03:  ARTIC to DJ @ Cakeshop Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 10:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 12:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN on Psick Show (comedy show on YouTube)

  • 17:  DPR ARCHIVES, Pt. 2 surprise album released (ARTIC's debut as DPR ARTIC)

  • 19:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ Seoul Marathon/Adidas After Party (Seoul, SK)

  • 24:  ARTIC to DJ @ Tone Itaewon (Seoul, SK)


  • 01:  ARTIC to DJ @ Cakeshop Seoul for Shade Seoul's "Sins" event  (Seoul, SK)

  • 16:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN (ARTIC as DJ) @ Coachella (CA, USA) - Weekend 1

  • 23:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN (ARTIC as DJ) @ Coachella (CA, USA) - Weekend 2

  • 28:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN (ARTIC as DJ) @ After the Apocalypse festival (Hong Kong)

  • 30:  DPR LIVE @ Hiphopplaya (Seoul, SK) + sDPR CLINE for his feature on "Set It Off"

  • 31:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul (Seoul, SK)


  • 09:  DPR LIVE @ Daegu Hip Hop (Daegu, SK)

  • 17:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ Danfesta - Dankook University (Yongin, SK)

  • 20:  DPR ARTIC @ Kohai x Melt Worldwide "Tissue Box Live in New York" exclusive event (New York City, NY, USA)

  • 21:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN (ARTC as DJ) @ Head In The Clouds NY (NY, USA)


  • 02:  DPR IAN unexpectedly joins a Twitter Spaces hosted by Korean DREAMers and shares spoilers about his upcoming EP

  • 10ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 14:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN featured in a video on MTV's Instagram

  • 20:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ OTRN 2023 (Osaka, Japan) + surprise first live performance of "Action!" with GRAY (who was also playing this event)

  • 22:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ OTRN 2023 (Tokyo, Japan)

  • 25:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ 2023 Waterbomb Festival - Yellow Team (Seoul, SK)

  • DPR LIVE + DPR IAN featured in Magazine B's Issue No. 95 Spotify


  • 22:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN (ARTIC as DJ) @ Good Vibes (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia) **FESTIVAL CANCELED before DPR could perform**

  • 29:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ 2023 Waterbomb Festival - Red Team (Busan, SK)

  • 29:  DPR IAN @ Very Summer (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • 30:  DPR IAN new single announced and confirmation of Insanity EP on the way


  • 01:  DPR IAN's "Peanut Butter & Tears" video teaser released

  • 01:  DPR IAN's Dear Insanity... EP release date announced for midnight ET on October 6 and album pre-sale to begin midnight ET on August 4

  • 04:  DPR IAN's "Peanut Butter & Tears" single and mv released, pre-order opens


  • 06:  DPR LIVE + DPR IAN (ARTIC as DJ) @ Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL, USA)

  • 14:  ARTIC to DJ @ Paper x Shelter x Oui event @ Yangyang Laguna Beach Club (Yangyang, SK)

  • 19:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul club for Shelter x Paper "Compilation Album Release Event" (Seoul, SK)

  • 27:  DPR LIVE, DPR IAN & DPR CREAM (ARTIC as DJ) @ Asian Sound Syndicate (Jakarta, Indonesia)


  • 03:  DPR LIVE (ARTIC as DJ) @ Rapbeat Festival 2023 (Seoul Land in Gwacheon, SK)

  • 04:  DPR IAN's birthday + surprise limited edition signed Dear Insanity EP pre-order

  • 08:  DPR IAN interview with JoJo Wright on KIISFM video released on YT

  • 11:  Dear Insanity... Korea version available for pre-order

  • 12:  Korean version of DPR IAN's Dear Insanity EP announced & pre-order opened

  • 12:  DPR announces a new YT channel is in the works called DPReality

  • 14:  DPR IAN goes live on Instagram before midnight release of "So I Danced"

  • 15:  DPR IAN's "So I Danced" single & mv release

  • 16:  ARTIC to DJ @ Hole Seoul (Seoul, SK)

  • 21:  Tracklist for Dear Insanity... released

  • 22:  ARTIC to DJ @ Shelter Seoul club (Seoul, SK)

  • 29:  DPR IAN posts new video on Tik-Tok


  • 03:  DPR IAN live on Instagram

  • 04:  "Don't Go Insane" mv trailer posted on YT & DPR IAN on Zane Lowe's show on Apple Music (short intro before his song was played)

  • 05:  DPR & The Orchard Dear Insanity... watch party at MTV headquarters in NYC + DPR IAN video posted on MTV's Tik-Tok

  • 06:  DPR IAN's Dear Insanity EP released along with "Don't Go Insane" mv + signing at Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue in New York City, NY, USA + MTV posts about release on their Twitter

  • 08:  DPR posts 4 song visualizers on YT + Dear Insanity... debuts at #9 on Spotify's Biggest 2023 Album Debuts by K-Pop Male Soloists with 1,223,174 streams on release day (Oct 6) ++ DPR LIVE shares an IG story with a 24 hour countdown clock for him to go live

  • 09:  DPR LIVE goes live on IG at 11pm KST, announces his hiatus from DPR, new company CTYL, and new music as Hong Dabin + new CTYL socials

  • 10:  DPR IAN interview with Travis Mill on Apple Music

  • 11:  DPR IAN live on Instagram + Dear Insanity... Listening Party with DPR IAN on Stationhead at 10pm PT/1am ET/2pm KST (Oct 12)

  • 12:  DPR IAN signing at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, CA, USA + Dabin announces "Till I Live" single & pre-save

  • 13:  CTYL Dabin opens new Twitter account

  • 15:  DPR IAN + DPR ARTIC (as DJ) @ Cult of Ya Fest Paris (Paris, France)

  • 18:  CTYL Dabin's first single "Till I Live"

  • 19:  CTYL Dabin's "Till I Live" earns his 3rd #1 debut on Genius Korea's K-Hop-Hop chart

  • 20:  Dear Insanity... debuts on Billboard's charts: #1 on Heatseekers, #26 on Independent Albums, #33 on Artist 100, #138 on Top 200 Albums

  • 21:  DPR IAN opens his Broadcast Channel "the other side" on Instagram to send voice notes and pictures to DREAMers

  • 23:  DPR IAN's MTV interview video released on YT and socials + CTYL Dabin uploads "Till I Live (Director's Cut)" mv on YT

  • 28:  DPR IAN (ARTIC as DJ) @ Sundown Live festival (Suntec City, Singapore) + IAN teases a new release in the works

  • 30:  DPR IAN solo concert in Taipei, Taiwan on Nov 22 announced


  • 01:  DPR IAN goes live on Tik-Tok for the first time

  • 04:  DPR ARTIC's 32nd birthday + video of DPR IAN's interview with Travis Mill released

  • 11:  DPR IAN @ Hyperound K-Fest in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerates

  • 13:  DPR IAN does ASMR with FuseTV video released on Fuse YT channel

  • 14:  DPR IAN + DPR CREAM solo concert (Almaty, Kazakstan) **CANCELED** + DPR IAN short video interview with Vogue Arabia released

  • 16:  DPR IAN short IG live to apologize for cancelled shows

  • 18:  DPR IAN @ Supersound Festival in Bangkok, Thailand + received award for Best Alternative Artist of the Year (first ever award for DPR IAN) at the festival

  • 19:  DPR IAN joins Korean DREAMers on Twitter Spaces

  • 20:  DPR IAN @ GQ Taiwan's Man Of The Year 2023 event in Taipei, walks the red carpet for the 1st time, meets celebs and fashion icons, performs 2 songs & awarded International Artist of the Year DPR IAN interview with UAE's The National News published

  • 22:  DPR IAN solo show in Taipei **CANCELED** + DPR IAN "Behind the style" by GQ Taiwan video released

  • 28:  DPR IAN live on Instagram

  • 28:  DPR IAN shares "Skins" demo with a made-in-24-hours mv on YT

  • 29:  DPR IAN top artist Spotify listeners get Spotify Wrapped message from IAN + DPR IAN live on Instagram

  • 30:  DPR IAN Reads Thirst Tweets with Buzzfeed released on BuzzFeed Celeb YT channel


  • 01:  DPR IAN's 2nd live on Tik-Tok & creates a new song with DREAMers

  • 02:  DPR IAN nominated for Best Global Artist Award by DCBA International & voting opens

  • 03:  "So I Danced" chosen as Spotify editorial pick as one of the Best Pop Songs of 2023 & featured on that playlist

  • 04:  CTYL Dabin hints at new album title [Giggles] in an IG post

  • 05:  CTYL Official socials hints at new Dabin single "Tic Tac" on Dec 13

  • 07:  CTYL Official socials link to "Still I Live?" Hong Dabin documentary teaser on YT

  • 09:  DREAMers celebrated #0912DPRDay - DPR's 9th anniversary - on social media with special hashtag #underDPRskyDREAMERSunite

  • 11:  DPR IAN @ Hyperound K-Fest in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emerates + CTYL Official announces postponement of Dabin's 2nd single and album

  • 13:  CTYL Dabin 2nd single "Tic Tac?" release date **POSTPONED**

  • 22:  DPR announces DPR ARTIC as their 4th official solo artist & release official artist photos + DPR ARTIC changes his IG account name to @dprartic_ & deletes/archives everything prior to this date

  • 23:  DPR IAN featured in 2 Genius Korea articles: Best English Songs of 2023 and 

  • 26:  Joonyong's 28th birthday

  • 28:  DPR IAN posts "30.12.23 8:PM PST" on his socials - something to come on that date + tweets "My final present for the year dreamers! #DPRIAN #THEHYBRID" + teaser images

  • 29:  More teaser images from DPR IAN DPR IAN story with blurry video and snippet of a song +

  • 30:  DPR IAN goes live on IG at 8:00 pm PST/11:00 pm EST + "LIMBO" mv released on YT at 8:30 pm PST/11:30 pm EST.

  • 31:  DPR IAN goes live on IG again in the middle of the night

  • 31:  (past midnight KST) CTYL Dabin posts "Giggles 99% Thx for the wait, Happy New Year." with a pic of him, CREAM and ARTIC? in the studio on IG

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