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With DPR nothing is coincidence. They included the word "regime" in their name for a good reason. They wanted to declare that they are methodical and deliberate with their goals and decisions. From those early days of DPR IAN, DPR LIVE and DPR REM dreaming about what the future could hold if they joined their efforts together to the present day, there has been a plan, a structure to how DPR operates, what they choose to do next and the goal of their vision. This plan has been manifested in the DPR Creative Universe. It is where all of their dreams intersect with each other. With this Analysis & Theories section, we are going to do our very best to help people see the layers and meaning of DPR's work. It is an ambitious goal, but we feel its the least we can do to show our appreciation for DPR putting their hearts, souls and (yes) physical bodies into their art, which they in turn then share with us. DPR ♾️ DREAMers

Welcome to DPR's Universe

Welcome to The Other Side


DREAMer Theories

The following are social media accounts run by DREAMers where they write about their DPR theories or who frequently have shared their insights and interpretation of DPR's work.


(NOTE: If we are missing any important theory accounts, please sent us an email to let us know.)


The Regimeverse Theory

A deep dive into the story, timeline, connections and symbolism in DPR's Creative Universe along with theories and interpretation by The Regimetheorist in collaboration with The DPR Record.

This theory will be shared as a series. The Introduction is now live!


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