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MIITO Reaction Videos

Friend of DPR, JRE reacts to Part 1 of MIITO. Don't miss the 0:04 clip of JRE inserting himself into the Ribbon dance sequence, about which IAN retweeted his amusement.

DPR REM retweeted a meme about DPR featuring a clip of Anthony's reaction. Anthony also reacted to the full Moodswings In To Order album here.

Caitlin Benson posted a first look reaction to DPR's work on July 6, 2022. In it she watched 5 music videos ("So Beautiful," "Nerves," "Till I Die," "Hula Hoops," and "No Blueberries") without any context or having heard the songs before.

IITE COOL Reaction Videos

Anthony also reacted to the "Hula Hoops" MV here.

More IITE COOL album and MV reactions can be found on YouTube here.

More "Summer Tights" reactions are here.

More "Yellow Cab" reactions are here.

More "Hula Hoops" reactions are here.

MITO Reaction Videos

David Elijah Piersaul also reacted to the "So Beautiful" MV here.

LoveTheBasics also reacted to the "No Blueberries" MV here.

More reaction videos to Moodswings In This Order on YouTube here.

IAOT? Reaction Videos

This ODG video is not a reaction video per se, but it is still one of the most memorable videos showing reactions to DPR's work. The cuteness overflows as IAN and LIVE watch the awe on the kids' faces and then they react to their reactions. For some DREAMers, this video was their first introduction to DPR.

Anthony also reacts to the "Legacy" MV here.

More reaction videos to Is Anybody Out There? here.

More reaction videos to "Legacy" here.

More reaction videos to "Kiss Me + Neon" here.

DPR Cream Reaction Videos

More DPR Cream reaction videos here.

More DPR LIVE Reaction Videos

PD also reacted to "Martini Blue"/"Text Me" and "Jasmine" here and here.

More reaction videos by Anthony to DPR LIVE's music are on YouTube.

More JRE reaction videos to DPR LIVE's music are on YouTube.

More DPR LIVE reaction videos here.

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