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JSON (John)

Professional Moniker:  JSON

Real Name:  John Son / Son Jiahn

Birthdate:  February 12, 1997

Country of Origin:  United States (New Jersey)



DPR Role(s):

DPR Visuals /

DPR Content Team


Editor /VFX,  





Instagram: @jawnsown

-- John was born in the United States and grew up New Jersey. He also has family in New York state.

-- John was attending university in Seoul, South Korea when he first met DPR. He started as an intern with DPR as part of his studies, and he joined DPR as a full member after he graduated in 2017. Christian even attended John's graduation ceremony.

-- John met DPR through his cousin, Alexander Kim, who had moved from the United States to South Korea in order to pursue music. Alex debuted with a group called HIGH4 in 2014, but HIGH4 disbanded in 2017. After that, Alex joined the 28laboratory crew and debuted as a solo artist under the new name of LXX.  (Check out LXX on Spotify and YouTube.) Alex met Ian at some point after arriving in Korea (as they are both native English-speakers and the K-music scene is small). They are both born in the year 1990, and they became good friends. Alex connected John to Ian when DPR indicated that they were looking for some help.

-- John almost always has his camera with him and is constantly taking pictures or videoing what DPR is doing. Most of the footage used in the IAOT doc and the MITO doc was shot by him, and he edited both of those videos for DPR. 

-- During the 2023 Regime World Tour shows, John was on stage or roaming around the venue taking videos and pictures. A fan gifted him a Targus monopod (one leg camera stand), and he became very attached to it. 

-- John and Christian are very close. John moved to LA with Christian when he decided to relocate there. Wherever Christian is, John is usually close by. Christian considers John like a younger brother and the future of DPR's visuals team.

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