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Professional Moniker:  DPR +IAN / DPR IAN

Real Name:  Christian Yu / Yu BaRom (Korean Name)

Birthdate:  September 6, 1990

Country of Origin:  Australia

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DPR Role(s):

DPR Artist,

Creative Director, Executive Producer,

Director & Editor,



Singer, Lyricist, 

Songwriter/Music Producer


Plays guitar, bass, piano, drums


Instagram: @dprian

Twitter: @DPRIAN_

– MBTI:  INFJ (source)

-- Christian is the visionary behind Dream Perfect Regime. When he moved to Korea, he had the ambition to start some sort of new movement, but he wasn't quite sure what it would be. He had a bit of a detour when he was recruited to be a member of a K-pop boy group, which threw him directly into the music industry machine, and it was not a good fit for him. While that experience was a difficult one, it did set him up with connections that would end up being very useful in the future. Christian wanted to break out of that structure and hierarchy, disrupt it even, with something completely new and completely different. Meeting Scott was the catalyst to bring that vision to fruition. Ian with the dream and Scott with the plan plus Dabin as their new artist equaled the foundation upon which DPR was built.

-- He was born in Sydney, Australia. His family moved to the beach town of Wollongong, Australia when he was in elementary school.

-- An important moment in Christian's life was when he attended a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS. He was about 6 years old. Young Christian was completely enthralled by the story, costumes, music and performances. It inspired his young mind and stirred his imagination. He felt the desire to do or be part of something that would make other people have the same feelings that he did while watching the show. This idea stuck with him for many years and he references this experience often when talking about the roots of his interest in the arts, music and dance.


-- Christian was in a hardcore band in high school. He taught himself how to play drums, guitar and bass. He also cites Daft Punk as one of his early music influences.

– Christian became interested in dance when he was in high school. He was a b-boy under the name B.Yu. He started to record and edit videos himself breakdancing. He created a YouTube channel and posted his videos there, most of which which are still up and viewable on YT all these years later.


-- Christian's YouTube channel is how Dabin and Christian came to know each other. Dabin send him a direct message as a fan wanting to learn how to dance, and they continued a correspondence. Later on when they finally met in real life in Seoul, Dabin appeared in some of Christian's dance videos.

-- After high school, Christian studied at University of Sydney for about a year. His mom had wanted him to become a dentist, but college life wasn't for him. And, he had the itch to leave Australia.

– Christian moved to South Korea all by himself when he was just 19 years old. He chose Seoul because he was interested in learning more about his Korean heritage.

– Former K-pop Idol:  From 2012 to 2015 Christian was the leader, main rapper and dancer for the boy group C-Clown (Crown Clown). He went by the name of Rome, which was taken from the last syllable of his Korean name. He didn't know any Korean when he moved to Seoul, and he faced a big challenge when he was elected as leader of C-Clown because he was expected to be the main speaker for the Korean. He did eventually learn to speak Korean fluently, although he jokes that he sounds like a kid when he's speaking it.

- Artist Name: Christian shortened his given name to +IAN. The + replaces the "Christ" part with a cross. Christian added DPR to the beginning of his name after DPR LIVE added it to his. When Christian is behind the camera, he uses "DPR +IAN Visuals" as his signature. When he is performing in front of the camera, the signature reverses to "slausiV NAI+ RPD" and thus represents his perspective on the screen. To further differentiate between his roles, Christian uses just DPR IAN for his musical artist name.

– Worked his way up from the bottom in the Korean music video and commercial industry

-- Was only 25 when he directed his first big budget music video "HOLUP!" for Bobby of Kpop group iKON

– Credited on music videos for artists on other music labels: 

    Phantom -- “Could You Be Mine” MV

    Amber Liu -- "Beautiful" MV

    P TYPE ft. Verbal Jint -- "Time Lag" MV

    Amber Liu -- “Borders” MV

    Bobby -- “꽐라(HOLUP!)” MV

    Mino -- “몸(BODY)” MV 

    Loco -- “Movie Shoot (feat. DPR LIVE)” MV

    Taeyang -- “WAKE ME UP” MV

    CL -- “5STAR” MV

– Released debut solo song “Zombie Pop” as DPR +IAN on DPR ARCHIVES collaboration album on June 18, 2020

-- On July 14, 2020 IAN posted a short video on his Twitter page looking back on the first chapter of his life.

– Released first solo album Moodswings In This Order [also known as MITO] on March 12, 2021

-- Released his first full length album Moodswings In To Order [also known as MIITO] on July 29, 2022

-- Christian used to own a motorcycle. He was very proud of it, but he had to sell it when he moved to Los Angeles, CA. (cir. end of 2021/beginning of 2022)


-- The number one lady in Christian's life (besides his mom) is his miniature pincher Lori. (Please note that Christian does not have a social media account for Lori. Any accounts with her name are accounts made by fans.)

--Height: Ian confirmed in an Instagram Live in April 2023 that his height is 175-176 cm.

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