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DPR's crew

The DPR team members are excellent at their given specialties, but they cannot do everything required to record music and produce such high-quality videos themselves. Since the beginning, they needed to work with outside audio and visual professionals.


As the scope and ambition of their vision expanded, they would use their connections to find the right people to help achieve their goals. As a result, DPR has a go-to team of audio and visual professionals for their major projects.


They also bring in specialists when needed, such to learn and use a new skill or for the logistics needed to go on a world tour. However, once DPR works with someone, there's a good chance they'll work with them again.

Get to know Team Audio and Team Visuals as well as some of the skilled artists and technicians that have taken part in DPR's work over the past 9+ years.

Photo from a "Eung Freestyle" recording/mixing session

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 1.48.24 PM.png

DPR LIVE learning wire-work for his "Legacy" music video

from "Lift-Off|Official I.A.O.T? Documentary"

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 2.23.22 PM.png

Planning session for DPR IAN's MIITO Movie from

"Moodswings In To Order|Official Documentary Trailer"

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 2.59.13 PM.png

Team Audio and friends in the recording studio from "Lift-Off| Official I.A.O.T? Documentary"

Team Visual during a planning session for the IAOT MVs from "Lift-Off| Official I.A.O.T? Documentary"

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 2.01.27 PM.png

Assistant Director Cho Hoin confirming the plan with Director DPR +IAN on set for the "Legacy/Kiss Me + Neon" MV shoot from "Lift-Off | Official I.A.O.T? Documentary"

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 1.43.01 PM.png

Costume design meeting with Scott, Eun Byeol and Ken from "Lift-Off| Official I.A.O.T? Documentary"

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 2.23.38 PM.png

Team Visuals meeting for DPR IAN's MIITO Movie 

from "Moodswings In To Order | Official Documentary Trailer"

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 2.24.16 PM.png

Team Visuals on the set of DPR IAN's MIITO Movie from "Moodswings In To Order |  Official Documentary Trailer"

Team Audio

Music Producer, Composer, Musician

IG: @ampoff

Soundcloud: itsampoff


  • Plays guitar and keyboard

  • Produced, arranged and played on tracks for DPR IAN’s Moodswings In This Order and "Zombie Pop" as well as on DPR LIVE's IITE COOL and Is Anybody Out There? (See credits on

  • Played guitar on DPR LIVE’s “Jam & Butterfly” and DPR Cream’s “Gravity”

  • Also produced and/or played guitar for Loco, Colde, JUNNY, BIG Naughty, punchnello, and more (See credits on

  • Is in a Korean indie/folk band called Goodmorning Pancake with Sunny Shin (IG: @goodmorningpancake; @sunnyshin_music)

Yoo Harim

Bassist, Arranger, Recording Assistant


  • Arranged "Nerves," "Scaredy Cat," "Welcome To The Show," "Zombie Pop," "Kiss Me," and "Disconnect"

  • Played bass on songs on IAOT?, MITO and "Zombie Pop"

  • Seen in "Lift Off" doc

Kwon Guhyo

Drummer, Arranger


  • Played drums on songs on DPR LIVE's IAOT album (seen in "Lift Off" doc)

  • Credited for arranging "Yellow Cab" with ampoff

Lee Cheongmoo

Mixing/Recording Engineer

IG: @midknight688


  • Professional mixing and recording engineer with a long list of credits

  • Has worked recording and mixing DPR's music since the beginning

  • DPR Albums: Coming To You Live EPHer EP, The Voyager 737, Is Anybody Out There? LP, DPR Archives, MITO, IITE COOL EP,

  • DPR Singles:  "Action!" ft. GREY, "Playlist," "Gravity," "Jam & Butterfly," "Set It Off"

  • Songs with other artists featuring DPR: "Tiki-Taka" ft. LIVE by Crush, "Hop In" ft. LIVE by Mino, "Bucket List" by Big Naughty produced by Cream

Kwon NamWoo

Sound Mastering Engineer

IG: @kwonnamwoo


  • Professional mastering engineer with a long list of credits

  • Since 2017, he has been employed by the sound engineering collective 821 Sound (Website, ).

  • Has been mastering DPR's music since "Know Me" and Coming To You Live EP.

Team Visuals

Cho Hoin 

Assistant Director / Lighting / Art


  • Hoin lists DPR on his Instagram bio and promotes their work on his SNS.

  • Has been IAN's AD for many of DPR’s video shoots

  • Will step in in as Director or DP when IAN is in front of the camera 

  • Has been working in the industry since 2015

  • CEO of his own visual production studio - Snackbox Studio (

  • Has worked on many well-known projects (see his website for a list). He is a very busy guy.

Jung Boram (Rami)

Art Director
IG: @__xx.rami__

  • Art Director (sets, props) on Cream's "Color Drive" MVAAOT MVs (seen in "Lift Off" doc), MITO MVs, and MIITO Movie

  • Joined DPR for some of 2022 Regime World Tour and stood in as DPR IAN's manager during Regime Tour when needed

  • Art Director / Props creation for 2023 Regime Tour Finale in Seoul

  • Ian calls Rami "Noona."

  • Rami has worked as Art Director on sets and props on music videos for many well-known artists, including the music video for Jisoo (of Blackpink) recent solo song "Flower." She is booked and busy.

Lee Hangyoel

Cinematographer/ Director of Photography (DP)
IG: @hanbago_

  • Directed "Eung Freestyle" video

  • DP on Cream's "Color Drive" MV

  • DP and co-Director on Is Anybody Out There? MVs

  • Directed CL’s “5STAR” MV, which also starred DPR IAN

  • DP and Co-Director on MITO MV's

Ha Youngshin

Lighting Director
IG: @gkdudtls

  • Worked on DPR LIVE's Playlist and IAOT MVs

  • Worked on DPR IAN's MITO MVs

  • Credits include working with many Kpop artists and groups, including ENHYPEN and Tomorrow X Together

Woo Mirae

Assistant Director
IG: @mmw_o

  • Co-Assistant Director with Hoin on MITO MVs, DPR x Adidas Originals collaboration

  • AD and Props for CL’s “5STAR” MV, which DPR helped to produce and featured DPR IAN

Koo Hynmi

Hair and Makeup
IG: @9hyunmi

  • Hair and makeup for IAOT MVs

  • Makeup for MITO MVs

  • Makeup for IITE COOL MVs

  • Hair & makeup for photoshoots (incl. LIVE's blue hair pics) 

Eun Byeol

IG: @eun_star2

  • DPR's first stylist

  • Worked with DPR through DPR LIVE's IAOT MVs (seen in "Lift Off" doc)


Stylist / Fashion Designer
IG: @j_ken_

  • Started working with DPR around IAOT era (seen in the "Lift Off" doc)

  • Worked with DPR until after IITE COOL and the UNICEF collaboration

  • Has his own fashion line called WESKEN (; IG: @wesken_official)

  • DPR LIVE wore a sweater and pants from Ken's line for his first television appearance 


Stylist Assistant

  • Worked on IAOT? MVs (seen in "Lift Off" doc)

Amber Liu 

Production / Music Artist
IG: @amberliu

  • Former member of the Kpop girl group f(x), now a solo artist known mononymously as Amber

  • Started a YouTube channel with Scott Kim called "What The Pineapple" (their videos can still be found on of her YouTube channel)

  • She was instrumental in the formation of DPR as she was the one who introduced Scott to Ian.

  • She was considered a member of DPR at the very beginning, but left to focus on her solo music career.

  • Helped produce some of the first official DPR videos with DPR IAN and DPR REM.

  • Some of DPR's earliest work was on the the MVs for her first solo artist songs.

Photography & Graphic Design

Kundo Song

IG: @kundow_

Kim Juseung

Artist/Graphic Designer

IG: @rarebirth

  • Designed covers for DPR albums and singles from Coming To You Live through MIITO.

  • Designed DPR concert and tour posters

Special Effects

Details coming soon

Choreography & Dance

Details coming soon

Tour & Performances

Details coming soon

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