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DPR's work

DPR puts everything they have into the art they create. They're known for high quality audio and eye-catching visuals. What inspires them? What keeps them going? What does DPR mean to them? Below is DPR in their own words.

"EYES OF DPR" is a short visual piece describing each member’s point of view on not only their role in this team but also aims to take a closer look on who they are as individuals themselves.


Directed, produced, edited, and narrated by DPR.

In association and distribution with EYESMAG.

DPR +IAN on what inspires him.

Adobe x DPR Ian

A DPR Production

The song featured in the video - "Zombie Pop" by DPR IAN - was eventually released on DPR ARCHIVES

IAN made a post on Instagram about the video on May 14, 2020.

DPR +IAN on directing film.

"I believe that everyone has this unique frequency to them, an energy that echos when it reaches someone else. That's what I want my music to achieve."

Exclusively on HIPHOPLE, DPR LIVE discusses his two year career slump and the path it took to recovery, which he tells through his album Is Anybody Out There?

THECUT Studio posted this short film about DPR LIVE on April 7, 2017. This film goes behind the scenes as DPR LIVE is working on his Coming To You Live EP.

In "To Myself," DPR LIVE is talking to himself and reflecting on becoming a rapper and a musical artist. He's telling himself he can do it -- he can go for his dream.

This song has become the DPR anthem and is usually performed last at DPR LIVE's shows.


LIVE invites the fans to join him in the pursuit of his dream. The fans and the DPR crew chant together "DPR we gang gang" in an exhilarated chorus.

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