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press & promotion

People find DPR in many different ways: a friend's recommendation, social media, articles, blogs, playlists, YouTube suggestions, et. al.

DPR made a fundamental decision early on to not participate in the "normal" promotional activities for music groups in South Korea - radio shows, music competitions, reality shows and variety programs. Instead, they have let their fanbase grow organically through people finding their art directly from their website, social media accounts, live performances as well as some carefully selected interviews.


The main point is control. DPR wants to be in control of their art and their message, and they will not engage in anything where they don't have a say in what is produced.

As DPR's notoriety has increased over the years, so has their reach and access. In turn, the amount of articles, social media posts and videos about them has increased too. However, much of the information about DPR is fragmented across the internet.

The idea for the DPR record website came out of a need for a source with thorough, accurate information about Dream Perfect Regime - who they are, where they're from, and what they do.

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