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Professional Moniker:  DPR ARTIC

Real Name:  Kim Yongwoo

Birthdate:  November 5, 1991

Country of Origin:  South Korea

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DPR Role(s):

Music Producer, DJ,

DPR Artist


Instagram: @dprartic_

- On December 22, 2023, DPR announced DPR ARTIC as their 4th solo artist. He changed is IG handle to @dprartic_.

-- DPR released ARTIC's first album KINEMA on February 2, 2024. DPR IAN featured on the lead single "Do or Die" and appeared in its music video. DPR LIVE also made a cameo in the mv.

-- published an interview with DPR ARTIC about his background and what went into making KINEMA.

- ARTIC joined DPR in 2019. (For DPR timeline, that falls after CTYL tour.) 


-- Before joining DPR, ARTIC was a regular DJ at Clubfaze in Busan, South Korea. He has also DJ'ed at Output Busan,  Shelter Seoul, Cakeshop Seoul, Snacc Seoul, and Bolero Seoul.

-- ARTIC's Soundcloud page contains some solo tracks that he produced for himself.

-- He has used the name ARTIC since September 2018.

-- When he has time, ARTIC continues to do DJ gigs around Seoul, such as at Shelter Seoul club in Itaewan.


-- He is associated with the DJ group “The Architect Records” (@thearchitects.rcds) along with @avalonixv, @radiofear, @onnidiot, and @alive999.

-- His first abroad schedule with DPR was for DPR LIVE's performance at Head In The Clouds music festival in Los Angeles, CA, USA on August 17, 2019. His second was for the Asian Sound Syndicate 2019 festival in Jakarta, Indonesia later that same August.

-- ARTIC has DJ'ed for some of DPR's performances, including DPR LIVE and DPR IAN's set at Head In The Clouds at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, USA on November 6, 2021.

-- He has producer credits on 5 songs for DPR: "Set It Off feat. DPR CLINE" for DPR LIVE; "SYNC" with DPR CREAM for the DPR x Adidas collaboration; and "Showcase 001," "Showcase 002" and "Showcase 003" with DPR CREAM for the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul shows.

-- ARTIC performed "Showcase 002" and "Showcase 003" with DPR CREAM at the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul. It was their first duo performance as well as ARTIC's first performance in South Korea as part of DPR.

-- Fun Facts: He visited Vietnam in 2018 with a friend. He loves techno music. He has an iPhone 7. He usually only wears black clothes, and the fashion item he use the most is his black jacket from the brand “cavempt.

(A special thank you to the DREAMer who runs the ARTIC fan account # 1articluvr @forArtic on Twitter for providing a lot of the info included on this page.)

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