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DPR and the KOMCA

Copyrights and credits are vital in the music industry. The KOMCA's website hosts the official database that details Korean music artists' work.


One member of DPR has been a prolific  producer of music, starting many years before joining DPR.

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What is the KOMCA?

The Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) is a South Korean non-profit copyright collective for musical works, administering public performance and broadcasting rights and mechanical recording and reproduction rights. 

KOMCA's website:

KOMCA's Facebook: KOMCAGlobal

KOMCA's Wikipedia: Korea Music Copyright AssociationCa


As of February 2023, DPR’s main producer, Kim Kyungmo also known as CREAM and DPR CREAM, has been credited for 507 songs by The Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). Kyungmo produced most of these songs before he started being active for DPR.


The majority of CREAM's songs are not on streaming platforms, but some can be found on Spotify and YouTube. Check out the "Get to know CREAM (Kyungmo)" playlist on YouTube to listen to some very early Laybacksound songs not on available on Spotify.


The KOMCA database has Hong Dabin credited for 44 songs, Christian Yu is credited for  41 songs, and CLINE & ARTIC have both been credited for one song. Scott Kim has not officially been credited by KOMCA. However, he is sometimes credited on the “YouTube topic” versions of DPR songs. He has been credited in the description as the Producer/ A&R Administrator.

(Note that the recently released DPR ARCHIVES, Pt. 2 is not in the KOMCA database yet.)



DPR IAN/ BAROM YU - 10003695


DPR CLINE - 10034976

DPR ARTIC - 10034895

Source - KOMCA Database Search:

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