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DPR Cream

Professional Moniker:  DPR Cream

Real Name:  Kim Kyung-Mo

Birthdate:  January 3, 1988

Country of Origin:  South Korea

dpr cream grafiti.jpeg


DPR Role(s):

Music Producer,





Plays piano, keyboard,

drums, guitar


Instagram: @dprcream

Twitter: @_DPRCREAM

-- He is the oldest member of DPR, which means he is addressed as "hyung" by the other members.

-- He has credits on over 500 songs in KOMCA's database (Korea Music Copyright Association). His prolific body of work is why DREAMers call him DPR Mozart.

-- He chose CREAM as his moniker long before joining DPR. He was inspired by Wu Tang Clan's song "C.R.E.A.M." which means "cash rules everything around me." 

-- He debuted in 2012 as part of South Korean group LAYBACKSOUND alongside Han-Gyeol and U-Turn (YouTube channel).

-- As part of Laybacksound, Cream produced, co-wrote and played bass, drums and synth on BTS's song "Where Did You Come From" on their Skool Luv Affair album.

-- Also produced songs for Big Naughty, Lim Kim, and Lee Jin Ah (See profile)

-- He joined DPR in 2015 after the release of "Till I Die."

– Made the majority of the beats on DPR Live’s debut album Coming To You Live.

--- He has produced a majority of the tracks that DPR has released.

– Released first songs as DPR Cream on 2-song EP The Voyager 737 on July 5, 2019. When he joined DPR, Cream had no plans of becoming an individual artist, but some of his tracks led to a discussion among DPR members for him to debut as one.

-- His audio signature "Yo, Is This Cream?" is actually spoken by DPR Cline. 

-- Cream invented the concept "zero gravity state." It's when a song is loud and then drops to quiet all of the sudden, giving minimal sound at the end. He likes to use this technique in his songs for contrast. (source)

-- Cream cites Prince's "FUNKNROLL" as a song with an interesting intro. He has used its feel for reference in his own music. (source)

-- Before he met DPR, Cream was seriously thinking of quitting music, but then he met DPR LIVE. They connected through music and similar experiences, and then he decided to join the DPR team. (source)

-- Loves art and fashion. He often shares pictures of artworks and exhibitions he goes to see on his Instagram account. Cream has a number of connections to the Korean fashion scene, as evidenced by how often he is tagged in designers' Instagram stories and posts and vice versa.

-- Height: around 180 cm

dpr cream working.jpeg


-- In 2020, DPR Cream teamed with Wonderwall to create a masterclass series about harmonics and beat making. It offered a glimpse inside Cream's studio and advice on music producing. Some content is available for free on the website, but access to the full series requires a subscription.

-- Subscriptions for Series 2 became available on November 16, 2022.

English subs are not currently on the Series 2 promo. If Wonderwall doesn't upload them as they did for Series 1, the DPR Record will work on getting them.

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