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Professional Moniker:  Joon / Joonyong / Joonyong An

Real Name:  안준용/ An Joonyong

Birthdate:  December 26, 1995

Country of Origin:  South Korea



DPR Role(s):

DPR's Visual Director,

Art Director,

Stylist/Image Consultant,

Fashion Designer,

Garment Construction,

3D Artist


Instagram:  @joonyongan


Joonyong An started working with DPR during the Is Anybody Out There? era as Stylist Assistant. He became Lead Stylist shortly thereafter. In 2022, Joonyong moved up to Art Director, and he now holds the title of Visual Director. (This title used to be DPR IAN's; Joon took on the role when DPR IAN assumed on the title of Creative Director in 2023.)

Like most DPR members, Joon wears a lot of hats. First and foremost, Joon is a master of wearable art. He draws the designs, cuts the material and sews the pieces together himself. He has worked with paint, plaster, plastic, fiber, embellishments, wood, metal and more. Some of his most striking 3D art pieces were the masks for DPR IAN's MIITO MOVIE (Part 1). Joon is also the artist behind DPR IAN's changing temporary chest tattoos for his performances during Summer and Fall 2023.

Joonyong designs, creates and styles DPR’s music video costumes and performance outfits. Since joining the team, Joon has collaborated in styling or personally created many of DPR's iconic looks: DPR LIVE's space suits for IAOT, DPR IAN's eyeball ring, the Adidas collab, masks & costumes for MITO & MIITO Movie, Regime Tour outfits, etc, etc. He also styles DPR members for their public appearances (interviews, TV appearances, album signings, etc.). He oversees and organizes DPR's "Collective Closet" in Seoul and LA, from which members can pull items to wear whenever needed.


For Regime World Tour 2022, Joon created/oversaw unique looks for all of DPR's the artists at each tour stop. With 45 shows and 4 performing artists (DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, DPR Cream & DPR Cline), Joon planned more than 180 outfits for just this one tour. He and Christian worked together to hone down DPR IAN's tour looks to four main colors: black, red, white and silver. These looks told a color story, starting with black and slowly progressing from one color to another with each tour stop. Joon shared some of the inspiration behind these looks as well as a few of the artworks that influenced them on his Instagram accounts. For the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul, Joon (and his 1 assistant) made the costumes/outfits for not just DPR artists but also all of the dancers who joined DPR on stage for their two performances.

Vogue Korea featured Joon in his first article in February 2023, which coincided with all of his work for the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul. It was a big deal in Seoul that DPR was going to have a 2-day showcase in their home town. His interview was posted on Vogue Korea's website on February 1, 2023: “'The 5 things I love the most these days' Stylist Ahn Jun-yong_THE LIST.” (The article is in Korean, but it translates relatively well to English using a browser translator. Note regarding spelling of Joon's name:"준" can also be romanized as Jun.)


-- In late 2022, Joon added an assistant to help him with the preparations for the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul. He and his assistant created all of the costumes and looks featured in the 2 performances. In the 4th quarter of 2023, Joon rebranded his stylist account as Team Hoouse (IG: @team.hoouse), and he now has 3 stylists/artists working with him.

After graduation from university, Joon completed his mandatory military service, which is required for all male citizens of South Korea and lasts about 2 years. After his service was over but before joining up with DPR, Joon was working as an independent stylist/image consultant with a business name of Endless (old IG: @oo.endless). He also started his own fashion line called What A Dragon Means (old IG: @what.a.dragon.means), which he continued until 2023.

The word/syllable "yong" (용) in Hangul means dragon, which is the reason behind Joonyong's fashion line's name. This also explains why Joon and his friends sometimes use the dragon emoji to represent him. Also because of the double "o" in "Joon," he likes to style his name with the infinity symbol ("J♾n"). The infinity symbol also is part of the logo of his styling work, and the double "o" is in the name of his styling archive on Instagram (formerly @oo.endless and now @team.hoouse). Also, the word for "forever" in Korean sounds similar to his name in Korean.

In an Instagram story, Joon shared that he had been a ENFJ for 14 years, but he had just tested as an ENTJ-T (January 20, 2023). He's an extrovert with a wicked sense of humor. For instance, Joon likes to post pictures on his Instagram account of absurd things along with selfies of him making silly faces, many of which have spawned memes among DREAMers. Like many other DPR members, Joon is a fan of ink and has many tattoos. One of his recent additions was a white ink spider near his eye.

Han's Story: When Christian lived in Seoul and would go on trips overseas, Joon would often take care of his precious dog, Lori. His times with Lori convinced Joon to get his own dog. He brought home Han the French Bulldog on March 5, 2022, and Joon has been a proud and devoted doggy dad since. Han often accompanies Joon to DPR's office and hangs out in Joon's workroom. He has used his sewing skills to make adorable outfits for Han. Han even has his own IG account: @frenchbulldog.han.

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