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about DPR

Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) is group of multi-talented artists who formed an independent and alternative creative collective in 2014. They are a multi-genre music label and video production company. As of the end of 2023, DPR has a roster of 4 solo music artists; released 21 singles and 10 albums for a total of 97 songs as a music label; and 29 music videos, 2 documentaries, 1 short film, and over 2 dozen short-form videos/teasers as a visual production company.

DPR first began as a video production company and produced at least 10 music videos for music artists on other labels. Since some of DPR's early works are no longer on the internet, the total number of all visual works is difficult to confirm. Also, DPR Creative Director and founder DPR IAN has shared on his Instagram account many videos, behind the scenes content, and other bits and pieces that weren't released as official DPR projects but were adjacent to DPR's work.


DPR has completed two world tours: the first was Coming To You Live World Tour in 2018 with one solo music artist (DPR LIVE) and the second was The Regime World Tour in 2022 with three solo music artists (DPR LIVE, DPR IAN and DPR CREAM).


DPR creates for the sake of the art itself, not for fame or fortune. They are also deeply connected to their fans (who are collectively called DREAMers). They put their whole selves into each project, and only when they are satisfied do they sent it out into the world. Then, they sit back and enjoy their fans' reactions. DPR LIVE and DPR IAN have often talked about loving stories about how their work inspires others to grow and create as well. This is also seen in their support for DREAMer art, edits, reaction videos, and other DREAMer-created content. And then that in turn inspires DPR to go back to their studios and create again. DPR ♾️ DREAMers.

DPR operates outside the conventional commercial music and video entertainment industry. They are not focused on charts, awards or "winning." They formed their collective in Seoul, South Korea, as an alternative to the rigidly structured and hierarchical Korean music industry. While some members gained important experience as part of that industry, they sought to create a movement that would foster and develop the creative freedom for themselves and also pay it forward to others. Their name, Dream Perfect Regime, reflects their high-minded ambitions as well as their meticulous planning and goals to carry them out. DPR's focus has been on the long game since the group's genesis, with their eyes on creating a legacy for the next generation of creatives to thrive and pursue their dreams.

After formation, DPR hit the ground running as a video production company. They focused on gaining experience and making connections, producing work for both new and established artists. They quickly made a name for themselves by creating top-tier visuals on shoestring budgets. They developed a unique visual style that stood out in the industry. Even right out of the gate, it was easy to spot a DPR production. After only a few years producing videos together, their visuals were on-par (if not even better) than those produced by major labels with large budgets.

Even though the DPR members were just in their twenties, DPR was ready to expand from video production and launch their own music label. In August 2015 DPR posted on YouTube its first song and music video for their own artist: DPR LIVE. After a series of collaborations and singles, DPR released its first album, a 7 song EP, for DPR LIVE in March 2017: Coming To You Live. The team embarked on the Coming To You Live world tour on September 30, 2018.

In 2019 DPR's main music producer and collective member CREAM made his solo artist debut as DPR CREAM with his Voyager 737 double single album. DPR CREAM released one more single "Gravity" with DPR LIVE, but he spends most of his time creating music for others. He has had a hand in producing almost all of DPR's music since he joined up with the team in 2015 as well as credits on over 500 song in KOMCA's database for other artists and companies (most of which are pre-DPR). His prolific body of work and knowledge about music has earned him the nickname DPR Mozart.

In an unexpected twist, Visual Director Christian Yu decided to step out from behind the camera and become DPR's third solo music artist. DPR shared a teaser for DPR IAN's first official single on October 23, 2020 on YouTube, and then they released "So Beautiful" with its music video two days later. On December 15th they uploaded a visual teaser for DPR IAN's second single on YouTube. "No Blueberries (ft. DPR LIVE, CL)" and its music video were released on December 17th. Then, DPR IAN announced via a post on Instagram on December 28th that the two songs were part of a series with an album to come in 2021. Moodswings In This Order (also known as MITO) was released on March 12, 2021.

In 2022, production assistant Jimmy Cline featured as DPR CLINE on DPR LIVE's single "Set It Off" for the 2022 League of Legends MSI 2022 Opening Ceremony. Also, DPR member ARTIC (music producer and DJ in residence) received his first credits as DPR ARTIC for producing "Set It Off."

In September 2022, DPR began The Regime World Tour, a 42 city / 45 show tour across 5 continents and 20 countries with over 135,000 attendees. It concluded in February 2023 with the two-night Regime Tour Finale in Seoul, South Korea. 

In January 12, 2023, DPR REM (Scott Kim) announced via Twitter that he would be stepping down from his role as DPR's Business Manager. DPR LIVE confirmed Scott's departure when he shared a list of DPR members (slide 8/10) in his Regime Tour Seoul Finale appreciation post 5/5 on February 22nd. The roster listed DPR IAN, DPR LIVE, DPR CREAM, ARTIC, JOON, JOHN, CLINE, EDDIE, and HYUNSOO. 

The year of 2023 held a lot of more changes as well as exponential growth for DPR. Along with his departure notice, DPR REM shared that DPR IAN + DPR LIVE was on the artist lineup for Coachella 2023. That was only the beginning of DPR's Summer of Festivals. DPR IAN + DPR LIVE performed at Head In The Clouds NY, Lollapalooza, Head In The Clouds LA, After the Apocalypse in Hong Kong, and Asian Sound Syndicate (with DPR CREAM also as headliner) in Jakarta. DPR IAN + DPR ARTIC were the headliners for Cult of Ya Festival in Paris. DPR IAN and DPR LIVE also both performed separately at numerous other festivals around the globe from March to November 2023. DPR CREAM and/or DPR ARTIC joined them on most dates.


The next major DPR news happened in October 2023. DPR LIVE had been telling fans that he'd been working on new music since the Asia/Pacific leg of Regime Tour in November 2022. He updated fans at several festivals during Summer 2023 that it was still all in the works and that he'd be making an announcement via Instagram live in the fall. On October 9, DPR LIVE went live on Instagram at 11pm KST. He shares with DREAMers how he's been feeling over the last few months to year and explains that he'll be taking a break from being DPR LIVE for a while. He started a new company called CTYL and will release music as Hong Dabin through it. DPR members expressed their support of his decision both privately when the change was in the works as well as publicly after this IG live. Dabin then shared the socials for his new company CTYL on IG and Twitter as well as his new solo accounts on IG and Twitter. Dabin also started a new YouTube channel

DPR as a whole worked on reorganizing itself throughout 2023. DPR LIVE's hiatus brought even adjustments within the DPR collective. Cline (Dabin's cousin) and Hyunsoo (Dabin's manager) also joined him on his CTYL project (not officially confirmed). As DREAMers looked back on the year's events, they could see hints of something going on behind the scenes as far back as DPR LIVE, IAN and CREAM's interview with Vogue Korea at the end of January. DPR had expanded to headquarters in 2 countries on 2 continents: Los Angeles, California, USA and Seoul, South Korea.  The DPR team criss-crossed the globe going from event to event and from Seoul to LA and back around again. They hired new staff in both cities and partnered with Sony's The Orchard for distribution of DPR IAN's Dear Insanity album. Many new connections were made. DPR collaborated with more people than ever before on DPR IAN's third album and its music videos. DPR hired a dance crew and a live band to back DPR IAN at some of his shows (and mvs). Additionally, DPR added Rami, Ryu, Jon and Josh as DPR Team members. Ronald, Yoo Hyo-Jeong, Serena, Amanda, and Hannah (just to name a few) began working with the Team as well.


On December 22nd, DPR announced via Instagram that DPR ARTIC was officially DPR's fourth solo artist. They released a set of new DPR ARTIC pictures and added a highlight for him on the official IG page. DPR ARTIC changed his IG handle and revamped his account to be focused on his new work to come.

At the end of 2023 many things are still in the works. DPR IAN confirmed that he would be back on tour in 2024. He hinted again at much to come in 2024 via his broadcast channel on December 27th. Even with all of these changes, DPR is still at its heart a group of friends who got together to create and build something together that would be bigger than themselves. As always, DREAMers wait with anticipation for whatever comes next in the story of Dream Perfect Regime.

(page last updated Dec 27, 2023)

Video source: @mindset_dive on Twitter

More info on DPR x Mindset here.
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