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DPR REM - former member

Professional Moniker:  DPR REM

Real Name:  Scott Kim

Birthdate:  February 21, 1992

Country of Origin:  United States (New York)

scott kim bw.jpeg


On January 12, 2023 (the same day as the news broke about DPR LIVE + DPR IAN performing at Coachella 2023), DPR REM announced via his Twitter account that he was stepping down as DPR's business manager. It was not clear if he was just taking a break or if this leave would be permanent; however, he has not participated in any DPR events since then.


When DPR LIVE shared his appreciation posts on Instagram after the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul, he included a list of the current members of DPR (see slide 8 of his February 22, 2023 post). DPR REM's name was not on it. That same day, Scott tweeted a message to DREAMers that he was doing okay.


The DPR Record takes this as indication and confirmation that Scott Kim did in fact leave DPR entirely. Until something different is officially announced, we are operating under this assumption and classifying Scott Kim as a former member.


Update: Scott archived all of his posts on Instagram and changed his account name to @iknowrem on June 13, 2013. He also changed his Twitter to @_iknowrem. Since The DPR Record figured this would be coming, we have been preparing an archive on Google Drive of Scott's old IG posts. Also, most of Scott's social media posts were already saved by the DREAMer running his archive accounts (IG: @dprrem_archive and Twitter: @dprremarchive).


DPR Role(s):

Executive Producer,

Business Manager,

Creative Director,

Production Director,

Tour Manager,

Designer, Curator,

Merch Manager,

Album Design & Production


Instagram: @dprrem

Twitter: @_DPRREM

On 23/06/13,  Scott changed his socials to:

Instagram: @iknowrem

Twitter: @_iknowrem

-- One of the 3 founding members of DPR (along with DPR IAN and DPR LIVE)


-- MBTI:  INFJ-T The Advocate (source)

– Scott was born near Rochester, New York. He grew up on Long Island, which is part of New York City.

-- He attended college in Boston, MA. After graduating in 2014, he traveled to Korea for a 3-month summer vacation, which turned into a permanent relocation after he met Christian, who then introduced him to Dabin.

– Scott was the catalyst to make Dream Perfect Regime a reality (aka the man with the business plan).

– He wears ALL the hats, does everything behind the scenes needed to make DPR’s vision happen.


– Nicknames: DPR Dad, Spoiler King, Mr. Big Brain Energy

-- Artist Name: Scott wanted to choose something short and one syllable like LIVE and IAN. He also wanted it to relate to dreams somehow. He settled on REM because humans dream only during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep cycle.


– The DPR REM Teaser Process: 

    1) Post out of the blue with just “hehe” (which always sends DREAMers into a panic)

    2) Post with “Ya’ll are not ready” or “I told you so” (more DREAMer panic)

    4) “hahahahahahahaha” or more “hehe” (has DREAMers on the edge of their seats)

    5) Drop Links (DREAMers go crazy)

    6) Flex (as he should and DREAMers applaud)

-- Fun fact: Scott is a big shoe enthusiast. (Shoes run in his family. Scott's father is a successful entrepreneur in the shoe industry, which he started by selling shoes on the street in New York City and he grew to an international business. Why shoes? Because it's one thing people will always need.)

– Pre DPR, Scott had a YouTube channel with Amber Liu called “WhatThePineapple” (WTP videos are now part of Amber Liu's YT channel). Amber was also friends with Christian, and she introduced them to each other.

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