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DPR Cline

Professional Moniker:  DPR CLINE

Nickname: Jimmy Cline / Cline

Real Name:  Lee Sung-Joo

Birthdate:  April 29, 1994

Country of Origin:  South Korea

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DPR Role(s):

Marketing & Production

Singer, Rapper


Instagram: @jimmycline_

Twitter: @jimmycline_

-- MBTI:  INFJ-T The Advocate (source)

– DPR’s #1 Fan and Hype Man

– Cline is the guy who helps out the DPR team with anything and everything, from marketing and production to cameos and dancing in the background of DPR music videos.

-- Cline is Dabin's cousin. They were very close growing up, more like brothers than cousins. He was one of the first people to join the DPR team upon its inception.

-- On May 2, 2022 Cline made his feature artist debut on DPR LIVE's single "Set It Off (ft. DPR Cline)." The song was commissioned by LoL Esports for the MSI 2022 - League of Legends gaming tournament. CLINE and DPR LIVE performed at their 2022 Opening Ceremony in Busan, SK, which was also streamed live on YouTube. [The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is an annual League of Legends international tournament hosted by Riot Games.] Because of this single,


-- DPR CLINE took the stage to perform "Set It Off" with DPR LIVE for every stop of the 2022 Regime World Tour as well as the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul in February 2023. During CTYL World Tour, Cline would come out on stage and "breakdance" for the crowd, but for Regime Tour he was a full-fledged performer spitting bars and fully held his place on stage with DPR LIVE.

– Fun Facts: Cline is a BIG fan of the Manchester United football team. When the 2022 Regime World Tour stopped in Manchester, Cline was thrilled to be in his team's city. He also enjoys gaming and Pokemon. His favorite character is Pikachu.

-- Height: around 183 cm

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