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Professional Moniker:  Eddie

Real Name:  Eddie Hwang / 황해웅

Birthdate:  N/A

Country of Origin:  United States



DPR Role(s):

Artist Manager


Instagram:  @godnd_ghkd

-- Eddie joined the DPR team somewhere during the lead up to DPR IAN's release of MIITO in July 2022.


-- Eddie is IAN's manager and is located in LA with him.

-- Eddie helped IAN set up his Stationhead listening party for MIITO after its release.


-- He traveled with the team for most of the stops for Regime Tour. When he wasn't available, such as during the rescheduled Texas dates, Rami (Art Director and close friend of DPR) filled in for him as Ian's manager.

-- Fun fact: One of Eddie's school classmates attended the Boston show, and they made and brought a special sign for Eddie to cheer for him.


Eddie is seated in the front row on the far left in this "family picture" from the Boston stop of Regime Tour.

(Note: Not much is known about Eddie yet, but The DPR Record looks forward to filling up this page with more info as it becomes available.)

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