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22/07/29 Rolling Stone (AU)

The Mythology of DPR IAN:Korean-Australian Idol to Pop World Creator by Tássia Assis (author also shared thoughts on interview on Twitter)

22/07/29 Consequence

DPR Ian Breaks Down New Album Moodswings In To Order Track by Track: Exclusive by Mary Siroky

22/07/29 NME

DPR IAN: “I’ve always been one to feed from chaos, which makes my art so dark, but beautiful” by Gladys Yeo


22/07/29 Quem (Basil)

DPR IAN Releases Album 'Moodswings In To Order': "I Live For These Moments" (pub in Portuguese)


22/07/28  Rolling Stone (US) 

How DPR Ian Went From Korean Idol to Genre-Defying Pop Star by Taylor Glasby (author also shared answers to 5 more questions as well as thoughts on interview on Twitter)


DPR IAN Adds To His Mystique With New Single "Ballroom Extravaganza" by Ken Partridge

22/07/23 (update) Bandwagon (Asia)

DPR IAN is dropping his first solo album in "Moodswings In To Order" in July by Andrea See (first published 22/06/14)

22/06/14 NME

DPR IAN announces first studio album "Moodswings In To Order" by Gladys Yeo (article said 8 tracks, but final album had 12)

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