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2024 events & schedule

will be updated as schedule is announced & significant events occur


  • 01:  DPR LIVE's birthday + early morning IG post that "Giggles" is 99% ready

  • 02:  GQ Taiwan January 2024 issue featuring DPR IAN on the cover & photo spread inside goes on sale on newsstands and online

  • 03:  DPR CREAM's birthday

  • 04:  DPR IAN "Tattoo Tour" video with GQ Taiwan out + CTYL Dabin releases 2nd single "Tic Tac?" on all streaming platforms & Giggles track list

  • 05:  Pre-order for CTYL Dabin's Giggles album begins (Korea only) + Dabin goes live, unboxes album and gives to DREAMer who finds him the fastest

  • 08:  New DPR content "Everything In Between" series teaser dropped, included remix of "Don't Go Insane" as bgm + CTYL Dabin announces Giggles listening party 

  • 12:  DPR IAN attends dinner at DG Martini in Milan, Italy for a party hosted by fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana. The menu featured a DG MITO martini.

  • 13:  DPR IAN attends Dolce & Gabbana's Men's Spring/Summer '24 fashion show during Milan Fashion Week 2024 + walks red carpet at D&G's afterparty, meets many global celebrities + GQ Taiwan January issue sells out online + CTYL Dabin holds promotion stunt featuring 6 men in suits wearing orange wigs and holding Giggles album newspapers on the street

  • 21:  CTYL Dabin Giggles album release date + release listening party


  • 12:  JOHN's birthday


  • tba


  • 29:  CLINE's birthday


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  • 06:  DPR IAN's birthday


  • tba


  • 05:  DPR ARTIC's birthday


  • 09:  #0912DPRDay - DPR's 10th anniversary

  • 26:  Joonyong's 28th birthday

Are we missing any important events? 

Let us know via email at

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