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the DPR record is also on social media. Follow these accounts for DPR news alerts and updates about this website.

Please send an email to for submissions, questions or feedback about this website.

All information contained in this website was obtained through the articles, videos and social media accounts listed herein. 

All copyrights are held by the legal owners.

Thank you to Twitter account @dprremarchive for providing inspiration and a starting point for this website with your DPR Guide.


Thank you to Twitter accounts @dprarchive; @dabinarchives; @DPRIANarchive; @dprremarchive; @dprcreamarchive; @dprclinearchive; @dprjohnarchive; and @dprjoonyong for running your very helpful archive accounts.

Thank you to V @dprxai for the support and info.

Thank you to A @anyadarkseid for giving me some great ideas for the site, help with the logo, and for providing info as a long-time DPR fan as well as testing out the website.


Thank you to M @cclown_poland for providing links, info, stories and context as a long-time SALT, CROWN, aLIVE and DREAMer as well as reviewing the website.

Thank you to L @dprashorror and G @jinnthebinn for taking the website for a test drive and giving me feedback.

Thank you to all the DREAMers who responded to my inquiries while gathering info for this website. Every single one of you was kind and helpful. This project gave me an opportunity to connect with DREAMers from around the globe, and I am thankful to have gotten to know each one of you a little bit through it. This site is for you.

Peace, love and keep on dreaming.  -- Hannah

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