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YouTube playlists

Because information about DPR is scattered across the internet, The Regimetheorist teamed up with The DPR Record to create a YouTube channel with curated playlists of DPR content to help both new and old fans get to know DPR more.

DPR Regimeverse YouTube Channel

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DPR's History Playlist

DPR Timeline

This mega playlist contains (almost) every DPR-related video on YouTube. The videos are in order for DREAMers to watch DPR team members grow over the years. This exhaustive playlist currently consists of 239 videos that will take around 24+ hours to watch fully. (!!!)

The Regimetheorist has also created some smaller playlists that cut the mega playlist up into more bite-sized pieces by topic, such as the “Get To Know” series for each member, Regimeverse-related playlists & performance videos. Everything is in order by date.

Who is DPR? Playlists

The Regimetheorist created playlists for 4 specific members and 1 playlist for the whole DPR team. There is a lot more footage of each member pre-DPR out there on YouTube and other social media platforms, but The Regimetheorist curated the most essential videos on YT for getting to know DPR.


Get to know the CREW - 58 videos

Get to know LIVE (Dabin) - 112 videos

Get to know CREAM (Kyungmo) - 61 videos

Get to know IAN (Christian Yu) - 76 videos

Get to know REM (Scott) - 7 videos

Regimeverse Theory Playlists

These playlists contain videos featuring DPR's Creative Universe, which The DPR Record and The Regimetheorist are calling The Regimeverse. DPR's 3 main artists - DPR IAN, DPR LIVE and DPR CREAM - each appear their "universe" in certain music videos.


For DPR IAN, his MITO universe contains multiple versions of IAN as he goes through his bipolar swings - Mito for his downs (depression), Ian for when he's balanced (or when he's most himself), and Mr. Insanity for his ups (mania). There are gods, angels and demons as well as werewolves and other monsters.


For DPR LIVE, he is an astronaut in space and on foreign planets with androids and possibly even time travel.


For DPR CREAM, his universe features aliens, space ships and space travel. The Regimeverse Theory hypothesizes that these 3 universes are in fact connected to each other. It is important to note that all of DPR's visuals come from DPR +IAN's mind.


All of DPR IAN's music videos in order of release. This playlist might be used in the future for the sub-theory of the Regimeverse: "MITO In Order."

Is Our Astronaut Out There?

All of DPR LIVE's music video appearances are in order of release. This playlist might be used in the future for the sub-theory of the Regimeverse: "Is our astronaut out there?"

The Voyager Chronicles

All important video appearances that Kyungmo appeared in. This playlist might be used in the future for a sub-theory of the Regimeverse: "The Voyager Chronicles."

Regimeverse Syllabus

Some important background information to understand certain Regimeverse concepts.

DPR Visuals Playlist

DPR Visuals (in chronological order)

A playlist of DPR's visual work starting with their earliest work that is still on YouTube (many early works have been taken down by DPR) and going through today. Details about these music videos can be found at

Performances Playlist

DPR LIVE Performances

Some of DPR LIVE's live performance videos at television shows, festivals, concerts, etc.

Livestream Playlist

DPR Member Livestreams

DPR Instagram Live, Twitter Spaces & other audio/video content.

DREAMer Playlists

DREAMers Theories

DPR theories and analysis videos by DREAMers on YouTube.

DPR Edits

Edits of DPR and their work by DREAMers on YouTube.

Reaction Videos to DPR's Work

People React to DPR

From music videos to albums, here are some videos of people reacting to anything DPR.

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