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fan covers

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

Fans, both professional and amateur, have shared their love and admiration for DPR by creating videos of themselves performing DPR's work. This is just a sample. There is so much more to discover on YouTube and Tik-Tok.

In pursuing their dreams, DPR inspires their fans to do the same. DREAMers pick up the camera, microphone, guitar or sit down at the editing bay, piano, drums, etc. and make their dreams come true too.

Visual Covers

Parody has a long history in the music business. A fan from Hong Kong paid tribute to DPR by creating his own version of DPR IAN's song "No Blueberries" (ft. DPR Live) called "No Animals" (ft. Lil Wai). In the video, "DPR KAI" faithfully recreates the original music video shot by shot, edit by edit, down to the smallest detail. 

And like IAN, DPR KAI uploaded a behind the scenes documentary about the making of "No Animals."

Music Covers - Vocals

Brandon Kaikala, known professionally as KA1KALA, is a Filipino American rapper, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles. He covered DPR Live's song "thirst" with all English lyrics. Check out his YouTube channel for more DPR covers.

Po has made quite a few videos of DPR covers. He plays both piano and guitar. Check out his YouTube channel for more.

Music Covers - Instrumentals

Arto Ryu has so many incredible guitar covers on his YouTube page that it was impossible to just pick one. Be sure to click through and check out what else he had uploaded.


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