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Dream Perfect Regime Community

  • Over 2.3K members and growing 

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Dream Perfect Regime Server

  • Link to join: 

  • 300+ members, active and growing

  • The server was created at the end of November 2022. The mods are working to add more information and channels to the server.

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DREAMers Go Live

DREAMers connecting with DREAMers live on multple platforms.

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Individual Social Media Accounts

The following social media accounts run by DREAMers are recommended by The DPR Record as a starting point for new DREAMers looking for news and information about DPR.

@cclown_poland on Instagram and Twitter

@dprfans on Instagram

@hourlydpr on Instagram and Twitter

on Instagram and Twitter

 on Twitter

 on Twitter and on Instagram

 on Instagram and Twitter

 on Twitter

 on Instagram and @dprremarchive on Twitter

on Twitter

 on Twitter


@_dprgifs on Twitter

@_dprkorea oInstagram

@dprportugal oTwitter

@dpr_france oTwitter

@Mexicodpr oTwitter

@DPRPhilippines o
Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

These recommendations are just a place to begin and are not the only fantastic DPR fan accounts on social media. There are many more individual and regional/country fan accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook and Tumblr. It is a community that only continues to grow.

Worldwide Influence

Just as the members of DPR come from different parts of the world, Dream Perfect Regime fans can be found across the globe. Social media and video sharing sites are full of videos, music and art influenced by DPR's work.

#DPRaroundTheWorld was a fan-made video celebrating Dream Perfect Regime's 3rd anniversary in 2017. 115 photos taken by DREAMers from 38 countries.

DREAMer Communities

The DREAMers have created groups for themselves on social media platforms where they connect, share content, and discuss everything DPR-related. 



  • Over 3.6K members and growing 

#ComingToYouLiveRadio by @ctylradio

  • Streaming DPR, Asian artists & talking about life.

  • Held on Twitter Spaces and Stationhead.

  • Check account for schedule

#RegimeRadio by @dprianarchive

  •  Streaming DPR music, DPR discussion & DREAMer community conversation.

  • Held on Twitter Spaces

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